Nor doth he speak of (his own) desire. It is naught save an inspiration that is inspired [53:3-4]
  The Significance of the MahdiAS in the Sunni Islam  
  The Significance of the MahdiAS is evident from the vast majority of Muhadiseen's collection work and their attestation  
First, Understanding the Rank and Status of The MahdiAS through the Prophetic traditions  
The reports related to the Promised Savior of the Ummah, the MahdiAS from authentic traditions of the ProphetSAS  
1. Quoted from Hakim, who says that Umm-e-SalmahRZ narrates that she had heard the ProphetSAS saying that the Mahdi would belong to Bani Fatima. (Holy Family). This is reported by Abu Da'ud also. More

2. It is narrated by UmarRZ that from the progeny of Imam Hussain a person would appear from the east. Even if mountains stand in his way he would destroy them and carve his way. Hafiz AbuI Qasim, Hafiz Abu Nayeem Asfahani and Hafiz Abdullah Nayeem Bin Hamed have narrated this tradition in their books. More

3. It is narrated by Abu Dawud that Razeen Abdullah had reported that the ProphetSAS said that even if one day was left for the end of this world, Allah would prolong that day, so that a person from my family (Ahl-e-Bait) would be deputed, whose name would be my name and whose father's name would be my father's name. More

4. Ibne Maja, Haakim and Abu Nayeem on the authority of ThoubanRZ narrates that the ProphetSAS stated that 'at your treasure (caliphate) three persons would quarrel, all of them would be sons of the Khalifa. But none of them would succeed in acquiring it. Afterwards black flags would appear and they would kill you so that no other race would have been killed in that manner. After that the Khalifa of Allah, MehdiAS, would appear. When you hear about him go to him, make covenant (Ba'ith) with him, even if you had to go crawling over the snow.' - Mishkaat & Sunan Ibn Majah with slight variance of wordings More

5. There is a narration from lbn UmarRZ which has been reported by Ibn-Shiba that the ProphetSAS stated that the Mehdi would appear in a manner that an angel would be announcing over his head that "this is the Caliph of Allah, Mehdi"

6. Ibn Asakar has narrated that the ProphetSAS said "How my Umma (adherents) would be ruined, when I am at the beginning and Isa the son of Mariam is at the end and Mahdi who is from my progeny (Ahl-e-Bait) is in the middle". There are several traditions of like contents and meaning which are reported by Hakim, Abu Na'im, Imam Jafar, Yahya Bin Abdullah and others More

7. Hafiz Abu Nayeem Asfahani narrated through Ali Bin Hazili that the ProphetSAS addressed FatimaRZ thus: "By Allah, who has deputed me with the truth (Haq), from these two (Hasan, Hussain), Mahdi, my adherent would be born in the later period. In the later period he would establish the religion (Deen) as I have done in the early period". More

8. Abu HurayraRZ says: "People will pay allegiance to the Mahdi between rukn and maqam. Ibn Tawus, Kitab al-malahim wa al-fitan, p. 64 More

9. Abu Sa'id al-KhudariRZ says, the Prophet said, "Our Mahdi will have a broad forehead and a pointed nose. He will fill the earth with justice as it is filled with injustice and tyranny. He will rule for seven years." Abu Dawud, Sahih, Vol. 2, p. 208. More

10. Abu Nayeem said and Abu Bakr bin al Mukhri has recorded in his book "Muj'am" that, "Ibne UmarRZ said that ProphetSAS said that "Mahdi's advent will occur at such a city or village which will be known as Krimiah". Book number 319, Vol. "Al Arful Wardi Fi Akhbar il Mahdi", by Jalaluddin Suyuti at Asafiya Library's manuscript (Hyderabad, India)

11."It is reported from Abu Saeed KhudriRZ, who says that NabiSAS said, 'I give you the glad tidings of Mahdi, who will be sent at the time when there will be great differences amongst the people, and earthquakes. The earth will then be filled with justice just as it was filled with oppression and rebellion. The inhabitants of the heavens and earth will be pleased with him. He will distribute wealth with 'Sihaah'. A Sahaabi asked, 'What is meant by 'Sihaah'? NabiSAS replied, 'With Equality and justice. Allah Ta'ala will fill the hearts of the Ummat of Muhammad with peace and contentment, and their justice will permeate and become widespread.'" [Narrated by Ahmad]
Haafizul Hadith, Allamah Nooruddeen Abul Hasan Bin Ali Bin Abi Bakr Ibn Sulaimaan Al-Haythami has mentioned in Majmu'us Zawaahid, that Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hambal has narrated this Hadith through various chains. Imaam Abu Ya'la has reported it with brevity. The narrators of both are reliable. More

12. The hadith related by Abu HurayrahRZ: "Allah sends to this nation at the beginning of each century those who renew the religion." [Sunan Abi Dawud (4291)] More

13. ProphetSAS said "al-Mahdi is from our Ahlul-Bayt, no doubt Allah will enforce his appearance within a night (i.e., his coming is very unpredictable and is very sudden)." Sunan Ibn Majah, v2, p269 More

14. Abu Nadra reported: We were with the company of Jabir Ibn Abdillah... Jabir Ibn Abdillah kept quite for a while and then reported Allah's MessengerSAS having said: "There would be a Caliph in the last (period) of my Ummah who would freely give handfuls of wealth to the people without counting it." I said to Abu Nadra and Abu al-Ala: Do you mean Umar Ibn Abd al-Aziz? They said: NO, (he would be Imam Mahdi).
Sahih Muslim, English version, v4, chapter MCCV, p1508, Tradition #6961
Sahih Muslim, Arabic version, Kitab al-Fitan, v4, p2234, Tradition #67 More

15. "Whoever denies belief in the Dajjal, has certainly committed disbelief and whoever denies belief in the Mahdi, has certainly committed disbelief"
Abu Bakr al-Askafi (263-352 H) narrated it in Fawa'id al-Akhbar
The hadith Master Abu al-Qasim al-Suhayli (d.624 H) in his book Sharh al-Sirah
The hadith Master Ibn Nasir al-Din al-Dimashqi (777-842 H) in his book 'Uqud al-Durar fi 'Ulum al-Athar ("The Pearl Necklaces in the Science of Reports")
The hadith Master Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti (849-911 H) in his treatise al-'Arf al-Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi ("The Rose Fragrance Concerning the Reports on al-Mahdi")
Ibn Hajar al-Haytami (909-974 H) in his fatwa titled al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi 'Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar ("The Brief Discourse on the Portents of the Awaited Mahdi") said that denial of the Mahdi entails kufr.
The Mahdi'sAS advent in India, Ajam (Ahadees)

1.  Hazrath SubanRZ narrates that Hazrat Rasool AllahSLM said "For your treasures (Caliphate) three persons will fight but none will overcome it, then black flags will rise from the east, they will massacre you {Halaku Khan's Army killed 1.6 million Muslims in Baghdad alone} in such a way that no group has done it ever before. After this Khalifatullah Mehdi will arrive, when you hear about Mehdi reach him and pledge allegiance to him even if you have to crawl over snow because he is Caliph of Allah the Mehdi" (Ibne Maja, Ahmed bin Hanbal, Haakim, Delami, Ruyani, and Nayeem bin Hammad)

{Geographical boundaries of Arabia: [To the west of Arabia is Red Sea and the African continent, ruling out any possibility of snow covered path] [South is Arabian sea and Indian ocean, ruling out the snow path again] [North is Asian plains followed by the Russian provinces and Siberia where the region is covered in snow almost all year round followed by Antarctic ocean without a dry] [South east is surrounded by the Persian gulf, southern Iran and Bulichistan. North east is the mountainous region of Khurasan where snow is enveloped for 4-6 months at a stretch making it treacherous for travel.]}

2.  Abd Allah ibn al-Harith ibn Juz al-ZubaydiRZ said, the ProphetSLM said: "A people will come out of the East (India) who will pave the way for the Mahdi." (Ibn Majah)

3.  SubanRZ narrates that Hazrat Rasool AllahSLM said "Two branches of my Ummah are such that Allah has saved them from the fire of Hell. One of them is that who will fight in Hind (India) {group of Hazrat MahdiAS}, the other will accompany Isa ibn-e-MaryamAS. (Sunan Nasai)

4.  Narrated by Hz. Abu HurairahRZ that Hazrath Rasool AllahSLM made a promise to us of the battle of Hind (Ghazwa-e-Hind). If I get this battle I will sacrifice my life and belongings. If I am killed in this battle, I shall be counted among high-ranked martyrs (Afzal Shuhada). If I return as a "Ghazi" (Conqueror), I will be that Abu Hurrairah who has been freed from the fire of hell." (Sunan Nasai) (Battle related to Khalifatullah will be called Gazwa in the religious terminology)

5.  Ibne Umar said that ProphetSLM said "Mahdi's advent will occur at such a village called as Kar'ah" {"The name of city of Jaunpur in ancient India was Karíahî See the Book: Bharat Ka Pracheen Etihaas ñ ref. Braheen-e-Mahdavia by Abdul Hakim Tadbir} ("Al Arful Wardi Fi Akhbar il Mahdi" Jalaluddin Suyuti, Abu Nayeem, Abu Bakr bin Muqri, Ma'jam, Ibn Adi AlKalam, AlKuniji AlBayan, Dr.Taher Ul Quadri "Amad Sayyidina Imam MehdiAS")

6.  "Pity poor Taliqan (a region in Afghanistan) that at that place are treasures of Allah, but these are not of gold and silver but consist of people who have recognized Allah as they should have. They are the companions of the Mahdi of End of Times." (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi' 'Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

7.  Abu HurairaRZ said: When we were sitting with the ProphetSLM Sura Al Jumu'ah came down. Then when the words "and others of them who have not yet joined them" (Al-Jumu'ah 62:3) came down, the people asked God's MessengerSLM who they were. Salman Al-Farsi was among us, and placing his hand on Salman {Non-Arab, Ajami} the ProphetSLM said "If faith were in the Pleiades (Ath-Thuraiya, the highest star) some of these men {Non-Arabs, Ajami} would attain it." (Bukhari)

8.  Abu HurayrahRZ: Allah's MessengerSLM recited this verse, "If you turn back He will substitute other people for you and they will not be like you" (Surah Muhammad, 47:38). The people asked, "Messenger of AllahSLM, who are these people whom Allah has mentioned will be substituted for us if we turn back and will not be like us?" He struck Salman al-Farisi {Non-Arab, Ajami} on the thigh and said, "This man {Non-Arab, Ajami} and his people {Non-Arabs, Ajami}. This man {Non-Arab, Ajami} and his people {Non-Arabs, Ajami} (said two times) If the religion were in the Pleiades (Ath-Thuraiya, the highest star) men from among the Persians would attain it." (Tirmidhi, Mishkaat)

9.  Abu HurayrahRZ: When the foreigners {Non-Arabs, Ajami} were mentioned in the presence of Allah's MessengerSLM He said, 'I have more trust in them (or, in some of them) than I have in you (or, in some of you).' (Tirmidhi, Mishkaat)

10.  Umme SalmaRZ narrates The ProphetSLM said: "... a man [Hazrat MahdiAS] of the people of Madina {a large city not Madina Tun-Nabi or Madina Tur-Rasool} {Village Kar'ah became Jaunpur City in 800H} will come forth to Mecca... (Abu Dawud, Ahmed bin Hanbal, Hakim, Ibn Abi Shebah)

Madina in Qur'an: And from the remote part of the city there came a man running, he said: O my people! follow the messengers (Surah Yasin, 36:20)

All the ten aforementioned ahadith under the title "MahdiAS's advent in India, Ajam" came true on Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ajami, Hindi, Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-MaudAS, Aamanna wo Sadaqna

Allah's MessengerSLM said "whoever denies the Mahdi, has certainly committed disbelief" (al-Salami "Iqd al-Durar", Jalaluddin Suyuti "al-Hawi Fatawi", Abu Bakr Askafi "Fawaed Aqbar", Abul Qasim Saheli "Sharah al-Sirah", Hafiz "Lisan al-Mizan", Shaik Abdullah bin Siddiq Qamari "al-Mehdi al-Muntazar", Shaik Hafiz Zahabi "Faraed Samteen", Jalaluddin Suyuti "al-'Arf al-Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi", Ibn Hajar al-Haytami "al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar", Dr.Taher Ul Qaudri "al-Qawl al-Muatabar")

NOTE: Comments in the {flower brackets} are not from the Ahadees books.

Hazrat Mahdi'sAS Advent In Tenth Century Hijri (Ahadees)

  1. Narrated Zahaak bin ZamalRZ: The Life of the World is Seven Thousand (7000) Years, I am in the last Thousand. (Kitab Al Qiyamah, Bab Awwal Fi Umoor) (Tibraani, Hakim, Baihaqi, Tafseer Ibn Kaseer, Roohul Maani, Tafseer Tabari, Kanzul Ummal, Jamia Imam Suyuti - Jamia)

  2. Five Thousand Six Hundred (5600) years have passed from this world. (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal , Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-zaman)

  3. Narrated Ibn UmarRZ: Allah's Apostle (SAS) said, "Your period (i.e. the Muslims' period) in comparison to the periods of the previous nations, is like the period between the 'Asr prayer and sunset. (Bukhari) {7000 years/5 Prayers = 1400 Solar 14x3=42=1442 Lunar Years. And they stayed in their Cave three hundred (solar) years, and add nine (for lunar years) (18:25). 5600+1400=7000}

  4. Prophet (SAS) said: The life of my community will not extend much past 1500 Years. (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Jalal Uddin Suyuti - Al-Kashf - Al-Hawi)

  5. Narrated Abu HurayrahRZ: The Prophet (SAS) said: Allah will raise for this community at the end of every hundred years the one who will renovate its religion for it. (Sunan Abu-Dawud)

  6. Narrated Abu HurayrahRZ: From Prophet (SAS) the things, which I know that is that The Prophet (SAS) said: Allah will raise for this community at the end of every hundred years the one who will renovate its religion for it and the tenth {901-910} century renovator will be Mahdi. (Jalal Uddin Suyuti - Mirqat Al Saud)

  7. Narrated Abu Tha'labah al-KhushaniRZ: The Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) said: Allah will not fail to detain this community for less than half a day (500 Years). {Rasool Allah's SAS expectation} (Abu Dawud)

  8. Narrated Sa'd ibn Abu WaqqasRZ: The Prophet (SAS) said: I hope {Dua} my community will not fail to maintain their position in the sight of their Lord if He delays them half a day. Sa'd was asked: How long is half a day? He said: It is five hundred years (500 Years). {Rasool Allah's SAS Dua} (Abu Dawud)

  9. Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'udRZ: The Prophet (SAS) said: If only one day {1000 Years} of this world remained. Allah would lengthen that day, till He raised up in it a man (Al Mahdi) who belongs to me or to my family, whose father's name is the same as my father's and whose name will be the same as mine. (Abu Dawud)

  10. Narrated Abu Saeed KhudriRZ: The Prophet (SAS) said: Behold! My Ahl al-Bayt {Al Mahdi} are like the Ark of Noah. Whoever embarked on it was saved, and whoever turned away from it perished. (Hakim, Tibrani, Qazayi, Ibn Bushraan, Abu Nayeem, AlBazaar, Suyuti, Ibn Hajar al-Makki)

  11. Narrated Jafar As SadiqRZ: How can my Ummah die (expire, perish) of which I am the first, the Mahdi the middle and the Messiah the last (Razin, Hakim, Abu Nayeem, Mishkaat, Kanzul Aamal, Kunuji- Al Bayaan, Irbali, Ibn Asakar - Tareeq Damishq, Ibn Maghajali - Munaqib Ali, Jamia Al Suyuti, Javeni - Faraed Samteen Fi Fazael Sabteen, Al Alayi - Al Tahseel, Jalaluddin Suyuti - Tareeq Qulafa)

  12. For sure Prophet (SAS) does not stay in his grave for One Thousand (1000) Years. (Jalal Uddin Suyuti - AlKashf)

  13. Narrated by Mohammed bin HanafiyyaRZ: We were sitting with Hazrat Ali RZ, One person questioned him about Mahdi, he said it is far and he made nine {900} with his hand and said he will appear at the end of times. (Nayeem bin Hammad, Al Salami - Iqdud Durar Fi Alamat Al Mahdi Al Muntazar)

All the above ahadith under the heading "Hazrat Mahdi's (AS) Advent In Tenth Century Hijri" comes true on Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Mahdi-e-MaudAS (847-910H), Aamanna we Sadaqna


847 - Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammad Abduhu Wa Rasooluhu.

910 - Summa Inna Alaina Bayanahu (75:19)

NOTE: Comments in the {flower brackets} are not from the Hadees book.

The Coeval (Coming Together) of EsaAS and MahdiAS is Impossible

Al Qur'an: And he (EsaAS) shall be a known sign for the Hour. Therefore have no doubt concerning it. And follow Me (Allah). This is the right path. 43:61

  1. Hazrath Jafar As-SadiqRA narrates that the ProphetSLM is narrated to have said, How can that Ummah perish, when I (MuhammadSLM) am at its beginning, Mahdi in its middle, and 'Masih (IsaAS) at its end. (Razeen, Haakim, Abu Nayeem, Mishkat, Kanz ul Ummal, Alkanji, Al Arbali, Ibn-e-Asakir- Tareeq Damishq, Al Maghazli - Manaqib Ali, alkinji - Albayan, Jama al Suyuti, Al Juwaini - Faraid ul Sumtain fi fazail al Sabtain, al Alai - Al tahseel-Jalaluddin Suyuti - Tareeq-ul-Khulafa).
  2. Hazrath AnasRZ narrates the ProphetSLM is narrated to have said, whoever of you finds Esa Bin Maryan convey my Salaam to him. (Haakim)
  3. The ProphetSLM is narrated to have said, what will be your state of affairs, when Esa will descend among you, and lead you in prayers. (Muslim)
  4. Hazrath Abu Sayeed KhudriRZ narrates the ProphetSLM is narrated to have said, When Bai'ah is given for two Khalifa's, slay the last one who takes the Bai'ah (because his Khilafat is batil with the presence of the first Khalifa). (Muslim)
  5. Hazrath Syedna Huzaifa Asad GhifariRZ narrates, while we were discussing the ProphetSLM came to us and asked, what you were discussing? We replied, we were talking about Qayamah. He said Qayamah will not be established until 10 signs are not seen before it, then he narrated about smoke, Dajjal, the animals on earth, the rising of the sun from West, the descending of EsaAS, the coming of Gog and Magog, the sinking of earth at 3 places i.e. the penetration of earth, one in East, another in West and the third one in the Arabian Peninsula, and after all these signs a fire will be born it will start from Yemen herding the people and take them towards Mahshar (Mahshar is the land in Syria). (Muslim)
  6. Hazrath Nawas Bin SammanRZ narrates, one morning the ProphetSLM narrated about Dajjal, sometime he shortened it and sometimes he lengthened (i.e. sometimes he cut short and sometimes he said this fitna is a big one, sometimes he spoke in low voice, sometimes his voice was raised) until we thought the Dajjal might be hiding in between the group of date trees. In the evening when we went to see the ProphetSLM he enquired about (the fear on) our faces. He asked, how are you, we replied O! ProphetSLM you have mentioned about Dajjal and sometimes you shortened and sometimes went into the details, we thought Dajjal might be hiding in between the group of date trees (i.e. his coming is near). The ProphetSLM replied, apart from Dajjal I fear from many other things on you (regarding the trials and infightings). If I am alive and Dajjal appears then I will face him first (I will fight him) and save you from his mischief. If he appears and I am no more in between you, every Muslim Man should face him and Allah will be Khalifa and defender on every Muslim Man. But Dajjal is young with curly hairs, his eyes are protruded similar to Abdul Uzza Bin Qattan. Whoever of you finds Dajjal should recite the opening verses of Surah Kahf over him. Definitely, he will appear the route in between Syria and Iraq spreading evil on his left and right side. O! Servants of Allah, stay firm on faith, the companions asked, O! MessengerSLM of AllahSWT how long will he be on Earth? For 40 days, he replied. Each day will be equal to a year, each day will be equal to a month, each day will be equal to a week, and the remaining days would be similar to yours (i.e. as per our days Dajjal will exist for 1 year, 2 months and 14 days). The companions asked, O! ProphetSLM the day that is equal to a year, on this day we would be suffice with only one day of prayers? He said, No! On this day (the prayers of the year) (Now clocks are available and time can easily be measured). Imam NowawiRA says, if the ProphetSLM would not clearly said about this, it was thought that offering of only 5 prayers was sufficient on this day, because in each day and night how long it might be, Allah has made only 5 prayers obligatory, but this thought was nullified on the basis of nus i.e. as per Qur'anic injunction. The translator says, on the planet Earth on the 9th degree from the equator where the sunrise is similar to morning, this place has 6 months day and 6 months night. So a complete day and night equals to a whole year. For example if a man reaches to that place and survives, he has to offer only 5 prayers in a whole year. The companions asked, O! ProphetSLM how he will walk on earth? He replied, like this cloud, which is driven by wind from behind. He would come to a Qaum community and would invite them, they will bring faith on him and would follow him, he will direct the skies and it will start raining and on his command the earth will bring forth grass and grains. On dusk when their cattle returns their horns will be longer than before, udders would be spread (with milk) and their bellies would be arched (i.e. too fat). Then Dajjal will visit another Qaum community, he will invite them also but they will not accept his words, he will move away from them, draught and starvation will befall upon them. Their hands would be empty nothing of their wealth would be left with them. When Dajjal walks on barren land he will say, O earth! Bring forth your treasures, the treasure would appear and gather around him similar to honey Bees, which gather around the Queen Bee. Then he will call a young man and would cut him into 2 pieces with a single strike of sword with perfect aim. Then he will bring him back to life and would call him, with this the boy will come jumping with a smiling face. Dajjal would be in this condition and suddenly Allah will send down Hazrath EsaAS. Esa would descend in the city of Damascus at the eastern side near the white minaret, he would be draped in yellow dress. Both his hands would be resting the shoulders of two angels, when Esa bends his head sweat will drip, when he lifts his head the drops will fall like pearls, wherever the fragrance of Esa reaches the infidels would die. His fragrance would reach till the extent of his sight, and then he would start searching for Dajjal until he finds him at Bab-e-Ludd (this mount is situated in Syria) and he would kill Dajjal. Then those people will come out towards Esa whom Allah had saved them from the trials of Dajjal. Then he will soothe their faces with his palms and will give them glad tidings of their high stations, which were kept for them in Paradise. He will be in this condition, Allah will send inspiration to him saying, "I have brought out my servants, nobody has the strength to fight with them, and you take them towards the mount of Tur for refuge", and Allah will send Gog and Magog and they will come out from all peaks. Before them people will cross over the river of Tibristan and would drink all of its water making it dry, from among them those who came after would say, there used to be water in it. They would continue to walk until they reach a mountaineous region filled with trees i.e. the mountaineous region of Bait-ul-Muqaddis and would say, we have killed the inhabitants of earth and now come we will kill the inhabitants in the skies and they will start shooting arrows in the sky, but Allah would fill their arrow with blood and return them back, they will think the inhabitants of the skies are also killed (this article is not from this narration but was taken from the forth coming narration). Esa the Prophet of Allah and his companions would be locked inside, their condition would be, the head of a bull with them would be better than your 100 gold coins (i.e. food would be scarce). Esa and his companions would supplicate. Allah will send a torment on the people of Gog and Magog in the shape of a worm, which would take birth in their necks, and until morning they will all die similar to the death of a man. Then Esa along with his companions would step on the ground, they will not find space even the size of a palm, from their stink and carcass (i.e. their stinking corpses would be spread across the earth), then Esa and his companions would supplicate and Allah will send flocks of birds with their necks similar of camel necks, they would carry the dead bodies and throw them where they have been commanded by Allah, on that day Allah will send showers of rains and then the earth would be commanded to gather all its fruits and return back to its blessings, on this day a single pomegranate would be consumed by a whole groh community and from its peelings a house similar to a bungalow would be built and people would take rest in its shadow and milk will also be blessed, so that milk laden she-camel would be sufficient to quench the thirst of a big whole group. Milk laden Cow would be sufficient for a big group. Milk laden Goat would be sufficient for a big family. People would be in this condition then Allah would send fresh and pure soothing breeze which will pass through their armpits and with its effect the souls of each and every Momin and Muslim would be extracted, the wicked and the evil ones would be left out, they would copulate with women openly similar to donkeys and the Qayamah will be established on them. (Muslim)
  7. It is narrated by Ibn Manada that Ka’ab Ahbar has said that there would be twelve Mahdis and after that Esa Roohullah AS would descend and kill Dajjal [Anti-Christ]. This is quoted from the book, Sharah-Ghayat-ul-Ahkam.

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